Reiki and the Seven Chakras - Your Essential Guide
Richard Ellis
Vermilion (2002)
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Softcover 9780091882907
Great Britain  English
Discover the relationship between the unique healing system known as Reiki and the ancient wisdom of the chakras.

The healing art of Reiki is a practice that restores balance and harmony within the body by the transmission of healing energy through the hands of the practitioner, bringing relief to a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional afflictions. Richard Ellis gives us a unique perspective of the practice of Reiki by drawing on his own experiences and conclusions coupled with an in-depth, step-by-step journey through the chakras.

Brilliantly and clearly illustrated by Paul Young, "Reiki and the Seven Chakras" is written in an intimate and compelling style and represents an immeasurable contribution to the literature on Reiki.

Following the recent discovery of Dr Usuis personal manuscripts, the revised history of the origins of Reiki is included in this book.

Reiki is the perfect accompaniment for life - an art based in simplicity with truly amazing results.

For the last 7 years, Richard Ellis has combined his passion for travelling with his love of teaching the healing art of Reiki. Presently he is settled in Italy and teaches full time. He is also the author of "Empower Your Life with Reiki".

Illustrator Paul Young
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