The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight - The Fate of the World and What We Can Do Before It's Too Late
Thom Hartmann
Hachette UK (2009)
In Collection
Politik & samhälle
ePub 9781848940444
USA  English
The world is reaching crisis point, as population growth escalates out of control, and species and cultures are being destroyed. With humans across the globe encroaching further and further upon Earth's resources, the realisation that the supply is finite has dawned and we now face the urgent dilemma of knowing how to create a sustainable future for ourselves. In this important book, award-winning author and international lecturer Thom Hartmann puts forward his lasting solution to our survival. Teaching us a new way of seeing, Hartmann introduces us to the lessons of our ancient ancestors - those which allowed sustainable living for many thousands of years but which we've forgotten. It is a call for consciousness combining spirituality and ecology that offers real hope for the future.

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